Poultry House

Breeder pan feeding system is used to breeding, growth and production. 

Advantages of using this system are as follows:


  • Simultaneous fullness of all pans and receipt of equal feed by the entire flock, increased weight uniformity and improvement of egg production
  • Height adjustment proportional to the age of flock, lifting the lines by electrical transmission afer each feed 

  • Lack of the need to demounting and taking out the plates after the productions period for washing


Technical Specification:

    • Propylene pan type (pp)

    • Feed capacity: 12/5  bird per pan

    • Adjustment of feed capacity 16 levels fom 200 to 800 g

    • 16 grills. width adjustable from 40-52 mm levels suitable for diffrent type and they old of breeder

    • Feed transfer capacity of 900 kg/h

    • Feed delivery speed: 30 to 40 m/min

    • Stainless steel/anti-rust galvanized corner

    • High strenght disk-chain long lasting and anti-fracture

    • Gear motor: 1.1 kw or 1.5 kw



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Date: 2017,09,18
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