Poultry House

Dimensions of these air inlet are 35*90 cm, anti-UV and of polystyrene material (Hi PS), which is anti ultraviolet.

Exclusiv design of poultry house air inlet 

3-mode stearing:

A supplement to provide uniform ventilation in speacial houses

Scaled deflector:

Designed of a scaled deflector to adjust the direction of incoming air to the house crown

Downpipe Damper:

Exclusive design of downpipe damper for accurate direction of air towards the center of the house to avoid falling of weather from the valve edges.

Double glazed damper:

Design of double glazed damper insulated by foam to prevent energy wastage

Damper power spring:

Use of 4 strong springs to keep the air inlet closed during tunnel ventilation

Central column: 

exclusive design of 2 central columns to strnengthen valve body

Stepwise edge of damper:

Exclusive design of upper edge of damper for air penetration when the valve is closed

Anti-bird mesh:

provent the wild bird from the fly in



دریچه ورودی هوا 90 * 35

Date: 2017,09,18
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