Poultry House


Technical plans:

    • Combined ventilation management system (minimum, transaction and tunnel ventilations)

    • Management system for 6 to 26 groups of fans separately

    • Management system for speed fans (separate group)

    • Heating management system for the houses (heaters)

    • Cooling management system for the house (cooling pad)

    • Light management system for the house (sunrise and sunset)

    • Feeding management system

    • Air inlet adjustment system

    • Tunnel air inlet adjustment system (insulation boards and curtain)

    • Fogging system

    • Controlling harmful gasses (ammonia) by providing a balance between temperature and moisture (exclusive)

    • Equipped with separate temperature sensors inside and outside of the house (for the first time)

    • Capable to be connected to computer and to control the house from any point of the world

    • Capable to report temperature and humidity of the house during the entire period

    • The amount of water, feed automatic metering, history data management

    • Equipped with alarm system

    • Capable to simultaneously send texts to several lines


اتوماسیون مدل BH8218

Date: 2017,09,18
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