Poultry House





Technical Specification:


    • Easy walking of birds on the slat due to its ergonomic structure

    • The floor is sanitary and anti-slippery

    • Use of durable and ani-abrasion materials for construction
    • Manure discharge hole size: 17x44 mm

    • Easy installation and washable
    • Enhancement of fertilizer quality and easy collection of dry manure during the period

    • Passage of worker on the slat with an exclusive design at the back of slat





اسلت آشیانه مرغ مادر

Slat Base:


Technical Specification:


    • Slat base is PVC type. It is usued to protect slat and its height can be adjusted from 300 mm to 800 mm.


پایه اسلت آشیانه مرغ مادر
Date: 2017,09,18
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